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Published on August 9, 2019


The founders of SEEDS refer to their mutual creation as “modern European fine dining with Asian flavors.” That’s a good taste of what this handsomely renovated restaurant has to offer, mixing and matching local ingredients like Myanmar pepper with marinated potatoes from Indonesia and the kind of European staples like foie de gras you might find in Paris or Zurich.

Looking at some of the signature dishes on the a la carte menu brings the big picture of the restaurant’s mission statement into sharp focus. For cold appetizers, there’s the “Colorful Organic Myanmar Vegetable Salad” with olives, enoki mushrooms and fresh black truffle. For hot appetizers there’s the “Kaffir Lime Soup with Coconut Milk” that comes with marinated tuna carpaccio and a dose of wasabi.

In the latter dish you can plainly see and taste the influence and ingredients of both Thai and Japanese cookery. Just don’t call it “fusion” in front of the executive chef and co-founder, Felix Eppisser, who is one of only a few Michelin-starred chefs in Myanmar. That trend, derided by celebrity chef and TV host Bobby Chinn as “gastro-pornography,” is not on the menu at SEEDS.

Perhaps the best value and most deliciously filling option is the set menu. A typical starter is the “Teriyaki Marinated Angus Beef Salad with Cucumber” which will certainly whet your appetite for an artistically plated main course like the “Rosemary Seared Red Snapper with Eggplant and Tomato Chutney.” Throw in a dessert like the “Mango and Passion fruit Mousse” along with some homemade treats from their pastry section and this is a feast to let your belt out a notch.

To digest all that fine cuisine, there’s nothing like a stroll around the grounds of this lakeside property. Guests can also opt to dine in the Elements Pavilion where the most primal of elemental forces – earth, air, fire and water – are all represented as you soak up the ambience of this photogenic setting. Those natural elements are all vital integers in the equation of SEEDS, a restaurant where bamboo, one of the most sustainable of building materials in Asia, has been used throughout.

The original concept, however, came from Felix’s wife Lucia who was doing some soul-searching in Bali when she chanced upon a necklace bearing an ancient symbol of seeds. From that kernel, and from the experiences they shared working in Myanmar and Malaysia, grew this fantastic restaurant.    



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